The Little Vegan Chef

Chef Anthony Thomas provides a collection of fun and tasty vegan recipes, providing recipes that are extremely easy to replicate in the kitchen for both children and adults. Adults can have fun with these recipes as the vegan lifestyle becomes more mainstream in the urban community. Chef Anthony Thomas grew up eating v

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Mommy Daddy What Is This?

As most toddler parents can relate, one of the biggest recent developments I've seen in my three-year-old daughter, Ashlyn, has been that of an ever-inquisitive mind - noted by the hypnotic flow of a few signature questions that 10x whenever we leave our home. "Mommy, Daddy What Is This?" is inspired by our family visits to the grocery store accompanied by Ashlyn, with the title paying homage to her most trusted go-to catchphrase. As a full-time dad-chef, I personally make a lot of grocery store runs with Ashlyn in tow, constantly exposing her to and familiarizing her with an array of produce - ranging from the everyday Gala Apple to and exotic variety of Romanesco. My vision with "Mommy, Daddy What Is This?" is to share a food-centric educational system that my family & I have adopted via our produce section escapades - highlighting one produce item per letter in the alphabet, from A to Z. My greater mission is to inspire fellow toddler parents to re-imagine grocery trips with their children as exciting educational journeys that also happen to stock the fridge (and lunchboxes) with healthy and delicious meals and snacks!

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Meal Prep Is The New Leftovers


Meal Prep is the New Leftover is a collection of tips and a strict guideline to help those who want to learn how to meal prep efficiently. These tips are my blueprint when meal prepping. Not only do I meal prep for clients, I meal prep for myself, and I have found that I have much more free time because I have my meals and snacks already prepared for a quick grab-and-go. It also helps with making better decisions knowing you already have a healthy meal ready to pop in the oven or microwave. This book will keep you from making a quick stop at your local fast-food restaurant. Often, having a healthy and hearty meal is the solution to making better decisions about what we consume.

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Ashlyn Eats

This is a collection of recipes prepared by Chef Anthony Thomas for his daughter, Ashlyn Thomas. Anthony has utilized his culinary expertise to introduce Ashlyn to various meals daily. After being cleared by her pediatrician of food allergies, Ashlyn would literally try everything her father prepared. "Pretty much everything I eat, she eats," Anthony says. Many toddlers Ashlyn's age never receive the opportunity nor or are they introduced to this quality of meals, and Ashlyn is always ready and willing to try new entrees.

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#ChefAntWOW: Volume I A Collection of Recipes

Chef Anthony Thomas began his #ChefAntWOW movement in 2014 to bring awareness to society to abandon fast food and step foot into the kitchen. Chef Anthony wants to show everyone how to make 5-star meals effortlessly and affordably. This collection of recipes within Volume 1 of a series to come book was created for anyone who wants to take their cooking skills up a notch